Top 5 Teleconferencing Needs

December 13, 2021, Written by 0 comment

The benefits of teleconferencing have continued to prove vital over the past two years due to the need for remote working and collaboration


As the pandemic forced employees out of the office and into the home, the ability to join teleconferences and exchange accurate information and ideas allowed businesses and industries to continue their work.


Like any technology, the quick growth of teleconferencing had its fair share of growing pains. Poor internet connections and low bandwidth were two of the main culprits, along with outdated equipment and software platforms that needed to be updated or overhauled.


Holding a successful teleconference doesn’t have to be time-consuming, but it does require that participants plan ahead of time – and that includes everything from a precise agenda to making sure the dog isn’t barking in the background.


Organize the Meeting

Don’t wait five minutes before the call to send out an agenda. Conducting a teleconference on the fly rarely works well. Prepare the agenda and if time permits, send it out a day before the meeting and ask for feedback. There may be subjects that have already been addressed and don’t need to be discussed further.


teleconferencing needs

Take the time to double-check meeting invites before they’re sent to participants. This means making sure the links work and any documents that should be reviewed prior to the meeting have been sent via email or shared via the cloud or other solution.


Prepare for Trouble

Even with today’s technology and equipment, there’s always a chance that something won’t work due to a technical problem. 


Remember that not everyone is a whiz at accessing the meeting software or setting up their laptop or another device the right way. Internet connections could be spotty or slow – and by anticipating these challenges, it’s possible to find an alternative solution.


Equipment Check

Remind everyone to have their devices charged or plugged into an outlet. Take a close look at your cameras and other equipment and test them to confirm they’re working. 


Don’t forget to check your headphones or speakers so everyone can hear what you’re saying. If you’re using wireless gear, confirm that it’s sending and receiving signals to your device.


It’s also worth having your IT department perform routine updates on the software and hardware so you can avoid any surprises.


Presentation Tools

If you’ll be presenting documents or other resources, they should be grouped together in a folder or on your desktop. Keeping participants waiting while you find the right file slows down a meeting and can cause confusion.


Remember to silence any programs that could interrupt the teleconference – this includes your email, text messaging, or instant messenger software.


Meeting Place

You don’t want to join a meeting when you’re in a coffee shop or your car. It’s difficult to concentrate and participate with any distractions. 


Check to see if your office is well lit and that any other distractions like noisy pets are taken care of. Give anyone else in your house a heads up so they don’t walk into your office while you’re on a call.


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