What Are Unified Communications?

December 6, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Before the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of employees were doing most of their work in an office. Sure, there were options to work from home, but as shutdowns and quarantines began to take effect, the business world changed rapidly.


Now, almost two years into the “new” way of doing things, unified communications have enabled businesses of all sizes to not only survive, but experience positive growth. 


Time spent on commuting is now dedicated to getting work completed – and new technology, paired with innovative software continues to make collaboration easier.


Take a moment to consider all of the different tools used in the course of a business day. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers play vital roles, along with the many applications that include email, texts, voice mail, and instant messaging.


Unified communications allows all of these tools and applications to communicate with each other seamlessly and instantaneously. This enables uninterrupted workflow while teams stay in constant communication with each other.


In addition to helping employees who are working from home or in an actual office, unified communications enables others that are out in the field to share information and data whether they’re in a car, train, or airplane.


Unified Communications

Phone systems are another piece of the unified communication puzzle. Calls that come into the main line of your business need to be rerouted instantly to avoid gaps in communication and unsatisfied customers. Of course, employees also need to speak with each other regardless of where they are.


This is where a properly designed Voice over IP (VoIP) system comes into play, because it allows users to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of the traditional phone lines.


When it’s integrated into the communication system, this technology enables everyone to receive phone calls instantly. VoIP can be used to route calls to separate individuals without having to be transferred. With the proper equipment, it’s easy to make calls no matter where you’re located.


Another facet of unified communications is being able to share files wherever there’s an internet connection. Instead of emailing new versions back and forth, users can access one file and input their information – even if other employees are working on the same file.


Unified communications continue to be the keys to success for any type of business, and as they grow, the systems can be easily expanded with little to no impact on the flow of information and data. When everybody is talking and working together – no matter where they are – the margin of error drops while the quality and amount of work rises.


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