What Are the Benefits of a Hosted VoIP System?

September 9, 2020, Written by 0 comment

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that strong communication is key during times of uncertainty. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are the perfect solution to keep you and your team in the loop at all times. Even after the dust of the pandemic settles, your business will still benefit from the numerous advantages that hosted VoIP systems offer.

What is a Hosted VoIP System?

You’ve probably heard the term “the cloud” a lot in recent years. It simply means that information and processing capabilities are hosted off-premise instead of on a local device. Really, the terms “hosted” and “cloud” are synonymous. In general, the advantage of hosted technology is that servers are maintained in a controlled central location, so you’ll never have to worry about servicing them yourself. When it comes to a hosted VoIP system, there are several specific key added benefits as well.

Benefits of a Hosted VoIP System

Scalability: In a year characterized by rapid change, scalability is a great feature to have. As your business expands and contracts, your VoIP solution can easily be tailored to meet your changing needs.

Portability: With VoIP, it doesn’t matter whether your workforce is fully remote, fully returned to the physical workplace or somewhere in the middle. Regardless of their location, your team will be able to seamlessly stay in touch with VoIP desktop and mobile applications.

Secure Communication: At McEnroe Voice & Data, we work with a few different hosted VoIP system providers. Something they all have in common is their strong emphasis on security. Through end-to-end encryption, reputable VoIP systems keep your calls, and all transmitted data, safe from any prying eyes.

Switch to a VoiP System with McEnroe Voice & Data

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