Why You Need to Consider Call Recording

December 20, 2021, Written by 0 comment

No matter what business you’re in, there’s’ a better than average chance your employees still use landlines for calls. Even with smartphones, texts, and emails, the phone plays a vital role in communications.

call recording


Call recording can play a key role in your business, for multiple reasons. They provide a record of conversations, so if your sales force or customer service team needs to review the details of a call, it’s a simple and easy process.


In regard to new employees, call recording can be used as an excellent training method. A manager or direct report can review the call – starting and stopping whenever necessary – and review performance and provide coaching. 


Not only can new members of your team learn from their experiences, call recordings also help quality control. It’s easy to review calls and determine if call scripts are being followed and how questions and customer concerns are documented and then routed to the correct person.


It’s clear that different departments in a business play different roles – what concerns the marketing team may not register with the operations part of your operation. However, they have their own policies and procedures, and when you review calls you can uncover potential blindspots and discover ways in which to improve performance – and interdepartmental communication.


Customer feedback plays a key role in helping a business grow – and discover new opportunities, while locating weak spots that require attention. Written notes can capture a great deal of information, hearing how the customer speaks can help managers and employees gauge customer satisfaction.


Call recordings may also be required by law for attorneys and physicians. In the event you’re faced with an audit or you need to submit information for review, being able to share phone calls is a major plus. 


Regardless of the call volume you receive, there are software options that allow you to tag certain words and phrases that can be tagged. This makes it easy to compile data that can be analyzed and used in a variety of ways. 


For instance, you have just launched a new product and you want to determine what consumers are saying. Tagging that product’s name creates a database of information that provides information and feedback you can use to alter strategies and tactics. 


Recorded calls can also be shared via email and through other channels, which speeds up the communication process, and allows different departments and teams to receive instant feedback.


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Call recording can change your entire approach to your business, and the installation and training times won’t take up a great deal of your time.


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