Retailers and Restaurant Owners – Time for a New Phone System

January 7, 2022, Written by 0 comment

When you own your own business, communicating with clients and your employees can make the difference between success or failure. Dropped or missed calls can impact your sales or reservation list, and make a bad impression.


Restaurant Phone System

The fast pace of a restaurant or retail operation can result in putting off making an investment in what is a key facet of your business. “I’ll take care of that later” is a common phrase uttered by owners and operators – there are too many other tasks that require attention.


However “later” continues to be pushed back until communication problems severely impact your bottom line. An investment in time and money now can provide an almost instant change to how your business operates.


Restaurant owners and managers have to ensure that reservations are not only taken, but recorded accurately. If you have a traditional phone with one or two lines attached, there’s a better than average chance callers are waiting on hold and giving up.


With the impact of COVID, and the need to provide delivery and pickup services, a communication system that can handle the load, and also make communicating with delivery personnel in the field, has never been more important.


If you’re a franchise owner, staying in touch with your franchisor can’t be more important – and with video calls becoming the norm, having a phone system that hooks up to a large monitor with a clear image and sound is becoming a vital necessity. In some cases, your franchise contract can stipulate what communication equipment is required.


The same holds true for retail operations. Customers who need immediate attention and have to stay on hold, or leave a voice mail message, can easily move on to another business. Retrieving voice mails and taking down the information accurately, and making sure it gets to the right person, can be time consuming.


An updated phone system allows almost everyone to route calls to different departments quickly and easily, even when the store is crowded with customers. Plus, voicemails can be sent via email for easy storage and reference.


The benefits of a new phone system are almost limitless, and with the right technology, anyone in the field or working from home can remain in the loop, in real time. Sharing files, business plans, and marketing materials is also easier – and with the addition of video, the transfer of information is even more accurate.


McEnroe Voice and Data Has the Answers

Determining what phone system fits your restaurant or retail operation doesn’t have to be difficult – even though there are multiple systems and equipment to choose from. McEnroe Voice and Data has worked with clients in these industries for years. This experience has allowed us to recommend the perfect solution, which can be scaled up or down according to the size of your operation and specific needs.


A few of the systems we recommend include:

  • Mitel MiVoice Office
  • ​​Star2Star Cloud-Based Phone Systems


Take a moment to read our restaurant case study and retail case study, and you’ll see why investing in the right phone and communication system can turn your business around. 


McEnroe Voice can work with you and your team to determine the best way to upgrade your phone system for your accounting firm.


You can find out more by visiting our website, or calling us at 410-785-1600.