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4 Workplace Trends We’ve Noticed in 2021

April 6, 2021, Written by 0 comment

2020 was a vastly different year than any of the recent years that came before it. After many rapid changes took place within the workforce, it’s only natural that some of those changes have stuck around. As we continue to redefine what the “normal” work experience is like in 2021, here are some trends that have started to stick.

Video Conferencing as a Primary Means of Communication

58% of businesses now use video conferencing in their everyday operations. At this point, we’re past the idea of simply using video conferencing as a substitute for in person interactions until the shutdown time passes. The shutdown has passed, and video conferencing is still very much in use. This will likely be the case throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond!

Workplace Flexibility

Many businesses were forced to try out WFH throughout the majority of 2020, and it must have went pretty well based on new statistics! Compared to pre-pandemic rates, there is expected to be an 18% growth in employees who work at least part of their week remotely.

Reduced Office Space Usage

Since more employees will be working at home for the long haul, it’s only natural that business owners are starting to review general office design to make changes that reflect the needs of their employees. With the success of cloud-based working, 34% of C-Suite executives are planning to reduce their total office space.

Switching to Cloud Infrastructure

Over the next several years, we’ll be seeing countless organization switch to a fully cloud based infrastructure. As we move into the post COVID era, agility is going to be more important than ever in the workplace. The best way to safely and securely work day-to-day from wherever one might be needed is to be backed by an infrastructure that limits on-premise installations, maintenance and of course, provides widespread teams with the security features needed to safely bring work off of company premises.

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