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Top 3 Voice and Data Services for Government Contractors

September 17, 2021, Written by 0 comment

The United States federal government is the world’s largest customer. The volume of goods and services it needs to function are almost limitless, and servicing the government can be lucrative, and also time consuming.


Whether you’re a big business or one of the smaller businesses that qualify for special attention from the federal government – women owned, veteran owned, minority owned, etc. – part of your daily job is not only fulfilling contracts, but looking for new opportunities.

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In addition to these tasks, there’s also the challenge in making sure your employees have the right tools to communicate with each other, your subcontractors, and most importantly – the government buyers and contacts that you service.


Communicating Correctly


While technology has rapidly increased and grown over the past two decades, businesses still rely on the telephone for their main communication channel. The choices of different phone systems can be overwhelming, along with the features and benefits each one offers.


When it comes to voice services for government subcontractors, one of the most reliable is Voice Over Internet Protocol – mostly known by its abbreviation VoIP. While it sounds complicated, this service is quickly becoming the standard for businesses in the public, private, and federal industries.


VoIP allows you and your team to make phone calls using a broadband internet connection instead of relying on landlines. With VoIP, communication can be easily done remotely, and allows for clear communications between your team. There are many different companies who offer this service and can install the required equipment and services at low costs. 


Besides voice communication, government contractors also need solutions for their data demands. Proposals, project plans, and other electronic documents can quickly fill up the memory capacity of laptops and desktops. That’s why a cloud based data service is so well suited for government contractors.


Cloud based data systems are actually huge servers that store your data and then make it available to you and your team wherever they are. You won’t have to spend money on servers, external hard drives, memory sticks, or any other form of data storage.


Not only will your data be available, it’s also constantly backed up by the service you decide to work with. Another benefit to this service is security – cloud services providers install multiple layers of software to defend against cyber attacks, viruses, and hackers. The security provided usually satisfies any demands that are listed in a government contract in regard to data protection.


A third data service government contractors should consider is a computer network that’s dependable, scaleable, and secure. Computer networks allow everyone in your operation to share and print files; store documents; and collaborate with their coworkers on projects.


Other benefits to a computer network include the ability to have your computers backed up on a regularly scheduled basis. This way, should a disaster occur – like a power surge, flood, or fire – you will be able to recover all of your data.


In regard to security and fulfilling the guidelines set out in a government contract, computer networks also allow your IT department to limit what your employees can see and websites and files they can access. This added layer of security can help keep your operation in compliance with your government contract.


McEnroe Voice and Data provides a variety of voice and data services for government contractors. We’re familiar with guidelines and rules required by the government and can work with you to design a communication system that effortlessly connects data and voice technology.


For more information contact us today – we’re looking forward to helping you.