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Mass Texting – Why It Boosts Your Marketing Strategy

September 10, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Getting your marketing message out to your audience is one of the primary objectives for your business – regardless of the size. While email marketing is a traditional and dependable marketing method – mass texting is the better solution.


One of the main benefits of mass texting is its open rate – an unbelievable 98%. Compare that to what’s considered a decent open rate for mass emails: 16%. The difference is clear.


Strategy to Mass Texting

While the open rate of this tool is phenomenal, it’s important to remember that without planning and content, you may not get the response you were looking for. Here are a few tips to make sure your mass texting strategy will meet with success.


Know Your Audience

Audience is probably the key factor when it concerns any type of communication. Sending the right content to a targeted and defined audience immediately increases your chances for success. 


Analytics, surveys, and your company’s knowledge base can help you filter out which audience members you want to reach. For example, if you are looking to promote your company’s accounting services, you don’t want to include customers who are only interested in tax services.


Text Message Messaging

When your audience opens your text, they need to receive a clear, well written message that quickly informs and educates. No one wants to scroll through a wordy text, even though open rates are high. 


Most mass texts are limited to 160 characters – remember that’s not words – spaces are also included in this count. That means clear and concise content that includes specific action items – so avoid open-ended messages that leave out vital information like dates and times.


Before the mass text reaches its audience, read it yourself and share it with your team. Another set of eyes can identify errors and typos.


Call To Action

Now that you have your audiences’ attention – engage them with specific links and directions. These can range from asking them to show their text in order to take advantage of an offer to including a “Click Here” button.


Clear calls to action with mass texts not only help your marketing strategy, they will also supply data in regard to which idea worked best. Analyze the results – they’ll help you tweak your strategy so it meets with even more success.


Spread the Word!

Encouraging customers to sign up for mass texts doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sharing the option can be done via your social media channels, website, and newsletters. If your business has a physical point of sale location, remind customers they can sign up for rebates and coupons.


Finally, don’t forget that members of your audience may not have direct access to your electronic marketing channels. If you’re doing a mass mailing or printing coupons, include the information to expand your member list.


Partner with McEnroe

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