Mass Texting


Text marketing is the most direct, reliable, and cost effective way to communicate with your audience.

Why Should Companies Text?

98% open rate
means fewer missed connections

It’s the preferred method of communicating, especially for millennials

Automation of reminders and notifications can dramatically reduce resources needed

It’s an effective way to build your opted-in contact list

Unbeatable Open Rate

If you need to contact an audience – to share a promotion, a notification, or a reminder – a text message is the best way to do it.

Don’t Call, Text Instead

• When was the last time you wanted to have a salesman call you with a special offer? Never, right?

• Bulk texting can make your reach larger and save resources at the same time

• Texting allows you to send out thousands of messages at once from your computer – improving the chances that you will make a connection

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We use EZ Texting to administer a portion of our nutrition coaching…We have found that sending it right to them, eliminating the login or check your email step, has improved our read rate and adherence by at least 60%. In health and fitness, that’s the name of the game!” – Jaclyn Weber, Marketing Director, Faithfully Fit

“It works far better and faster than email, very good support and effective results.” – Steve Brownlee, Assistant Manager, Professional Salon Concepts

Automate Reminders and More

If time is money, imagine how much your company can save by eliminating repetitive time-consuming tasks?

• Automate appointment reminders to reduce no-shows

• Text delivery notifications to ensure pickups

• Set-it-and-forget-it drip campaigns to boost engagement

Build Your Opted-In Contact List

• Seen an ad or sign that told you to text something like “Join” to 313131? We bet you have! This is a Keyword campaign

• “Join” is the Keyword and 313131 is the short code

• By marketing these on signs, in stores, or on your website, you can attract new subscribers to your marketing list

• Texting is a permission-based tactic. Subscribers that join your list with a Keyword campaign are automatically opted-in

How Texting Can Help Your Business

Short codes
make it easy to send thousands of messages at once

Keywords help you grow your list of opted-in contacts

messages let you send images or GIFs

service lets you receive text messages on your main business phone line

Drip campaigns and automation
features allow you to build set-it-and-forget-it campaigns

There’s No Reason to Wait

• The business next door is probably texting, shouldn’t you?

• MVD Texting lets you sign up for free without a credit card, so you can it try with no risk

• We’ve got expert support ready to help you becoming a texting pro

• MVD Texting is known for being easy – you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started

• You have so much to gain by adding texting to your business plan, so why wait?