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Keep Your Business Safe with Video Surveillance

September 24, 2021, Written by 0 comment

If you own a commercial or retail business there’s a better than average chance that you could be the victim of a property crime or burglary. In addition there’s shoplifting, employee theft, vandalism, and other crimes to consider.

video surveillance


The monetary investment you’ve made in your livelihood, along with the amount of time you’ve spent building it into a thriving business, needs to be protected. Video surveillance is one of the best ways to accomplish this, thanks to current technology and equipment.


When you think about video surveillance, you may get a vision of stationary cameras installed in easy to see places. Old school video equipment generated fuzzy and out of focus results that were not only hard to see, but in the event of a robbery or crime, didn’t provide a clear view of the perpetrators.


That’s not the case anymore.


Today’s video surveillance systems provide you with a wide array of choices. Cameras have become smaller and more compact, allowing for strategic, out of the way placement so thieves and criminals don’t even know they’re on camera.


The software and interface for video surveillance systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use and depending on the system, you and trusted members of your management team, can access live video feeds from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 


A video surveillance system can act as a deterrent to crime such as employee theft and shoplifting. Thanks to its real-time views and recording capabilities, anyone who is monitoring the video feeds can quickly react and stop a crime before it happens.


In addition to threats from the outside of your business, a video surveillance system can also help stop employee theft of your products or property. You’ll also be able to monitor employee performance and output no matter what type of business you own: retail, office, commercial, or industrial.


Today’s criminals are almost as sophisticated as the methods used to stop them, and they don’t usually leave any clues behind, especially if it occurred during off hours. One of the benefits of video surveillance is that it’s always functioning and recording.  


Video surveillance cameras produce quality images and video streams that are clear and accurate enough that they can be used in criminal investigations. In addition, some systems have facial recognition features built in, making it even easier to identify criminals.


The recordings that are collected can be stored in the cloud for easy retrieval and review by you or trusted staff. And because they’re in the cloud, you can share the recordings with local law enforcement officials to help in their investigations.


Besides capturing crimes, video surveillance cameras can also help you in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster. Sharing the recordings with your insurance company can reduce the amount of time between filing a claim and receiving your settlement.


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