The 7 Most Beneficial VoIP Features

November 19, 2021, Written by 0 comment

You have probably heard about VoIP – but you may not really know what it means or how it can help your business grow and thrive. The initials stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which allows users to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of the traditional phone lines – also referred to as analog.

VoIP Features


There are plenty of VoIP providers, while some only allow you to make a call to other people using the same service, many others have set up their services so you can communicate with anyone who has a phone.


When it concerns equipment, you may be limited to only using your computer or laptop. However, some companies will provide you with a VoIP adapter so you can use your traditional phone to take advantage of this service.


Using a VoIP has plenty of features that you can take advantage of almost immediately. The learning curve is relatively small and once you see how it can change your business, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t use it sooner.



With VoIP you’ll only pay for your internet connection. If you’re calling someone else with the same service, you won’t have to pay for making a phone call – even if they’re international. That’s an immediate savings to your bottom line.



The current trend of working from home and outside the office shows no sign of letting up and the VoIP technology allows your team the flexibility to make phone calls wherever they have an internet connection.



Thanks to the fact that it uses broadband internet connection, this technology can easily be integrated with other systems so everyone can join in through voice, web conferencing and even instant messaging.


Call Management

With this feature it’s easy to direct incoming calls. You can hold, block or prioritize calls however you want. Speed up your communication and make sure the right people are getting the right calls. Regardless of the provider you sign up with, this feature is often automatically included.


Instant Analytics

Running a call center or similar service? Call analytics allow you to instantly measure the performance of your employees and customer satisfaction. With some work, you can create specific key performance indicators and metrics.


Automated Attendant

There’s no need to hire a receptionist with the automated attendant feature. You can set up pre-recorded messages and routing rules that will send calls to a specific extension. There are even hold music options available. 


Recording Calls

With VoIP, you can allow your workers to record phone calls for training and reference purposes. If your business has to work with different regulations, having recordings can be crucial if you need to offer proof of compliance.


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