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Are All Phone Systems the Same?

April 21, 2016, Written by 0 comment
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While many phone systems may look the same, it’s important that your phone system is configured for your needs.

A phone system is a phone system, right? Well, it depends from which company you decide to purchase your phone system. You may get the same phone system from company A that you would get from company B, but company A may be better suited to assess your particular business and customer service needs. Here are a few examples of the services that McEnroe Voice & Data provides that you may not find at other companies.

A Consultative Approach

Are you unsure of whether your phone system needs to be updated? Or which system to update to? Or which features you need? Not to worry. McEnroe Voice & Data can meet with you to discuss which phone system is right for you. We have an extensive knowledge of the different types of phone systems, their strengths and weaknesses, their unique features, and their price points. We also discuss programming and configuration with you so that we know exactly how to get your phone system functioning efficiently. Working together, we can find the optimal solution for your business.

Personalized Programming

A system or technology is only as good as it’s programmed for your business. That’s why McEnroe Voice & Data offers several unique features that you can choose for your business needs. Features like unified communications and auto attendants make your business more efficient as well as help you to provide an optimal customer service experience.

We also assign a Project Coordinator to your installation to help with gathering data and walking you through the call routing and other programming options. Our project coordinator spends between 3-4 hours meeting with you and organizing all pertinent data and configurations before the system even goes to the engineer for programming.  This level of planning and attention to detail is important to ensure a smooth installation.

Project Management

After you’ve worked with your Project Coordinator on the system’s configuration information, it goes to one of our senior engineers for programming and testing.   Then it’s time to install. Uninstalling an old system and replacing it with a new system or even just installing a new system for the first time takes a lot of skill and timing, so as not to disrupt your business. McEnroe Voice & Data can plan for installation with minimal to no downtime so that your business is inconvenienced as little as possible. A smart and accurate installation now can save your money and frustration down the road.

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