At McEnroe Voice & Data, we’re proud to offer award-winning service and support for business telephone systems, video surveillance systems, call center logging, and digital technology. Our certified service technicians and staff have an average of 26 years of industry experience, with McEnroe Voice & Data, dispatching and servicing business telephone equipment.

McEnroe Voice & Data has technicians trained and certified to handle support.

  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Systems from Mitel, Inter-Tel, Avaya, Toshiba, and Cloud-Based
  • Digital Phone Systems from Mitel, Inter-Tel, Avaya, Toshiba, and Cloud-Based
  • Call Logging/Recording
  • Dictation (Handheld and System-integrated)
  • Digital recording (video and audio)
  • Computer assisted coding software

Mitel and Inter-Tel Business Phone System Service

McEnroe Voice & Data has certified Inter-Tel and Mitel technicians who service and support our customers in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Virginia.  We service all Mitelbusiness phone systems, as well as older Inter-Tel systems. .

Avaya IP Office Service

McEnroe Voice & Data has a team of technicians certified to install and service the Avaya IP Office phone system.  Whether you need to make changes, or completely upgrade to IP Office from an older Merlin or Partner system, let us help you make that process as simple as possible.

Toshiba Phone System Service

We have over 20 years of experience installing and servicing Toshiba phone systems.  Our certified Toshiba technicians can help!

Managed Services

The TotalCare Program is designed to meet your communication needs and keep your system running smoothly so that you can focus on your business.

The TotalCare Program is designed to meet your communication needs and keep your system running smoothly so that you can focus on your business.

Gain peace of mind knowing experts will properly maintain your system to avoid downtime and maximize efficiency. This solution provides protection against obsolescent technology and gives you the ability to budget your full communication expenses. With more than half of expenses associated with equipment ownership generally occurring after acquisition, this solution allows you to see the Cost to Own instead of only an upfront Cost to Buy.

Benefits Of The Program Include

Installation, Service & Warranty

The costs of maintaining, installing, and servicing the equipment are covered for the full term.


To realize the business results the solutions are designed to achieve, we provide you free user training and basic system administration training.

Physical Loss or Damage Coverage

Coverage for direct physical loss or damage to the equipment including lightning, fire, flood, and theft. The cost for this coverage is included in your monthly payment and there is no deductible.

Upgrade & Add-On Flexibility

You have the option to upgrade or expand your system at any time during the program.

Software Upgrades (optional)

Future releases for feature and functionality are included to help you stay up-to-date and performing optimally.

Silver Support Program

Additional services covered include Free Remote Programming on existing equipment, discounted MAC labor for onsite changes, no trouble found calls, routine system backups, carrier assistance and bill audits, designation strips, free handset/base cords, etc.

Download Total Care Information Sheet

Silver Support

Silver Support is our premier offering to customers who want to take advantage of free remote programming, discounted labor rates, “Acts of God” coverage, and more. Please see our warranty matrix for a full list of coverage that helps protect our customers’ technology investment.

Download Silver Support Matrix

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your business phone system, dictation systems, or digital recording solutions, please contact McEnroe Voice & Data service department at 800-727-1607 today.

Section 179 Information

What is Section 179?

  • Section 179 is a tax code created to help businesses.
    • By allowing businesses to deduct the full amount of the purchase price of equipment (up to certain limits), Section 179 is a fantastic incentive for businesses to purchase, finance or lease equipment this year.
  • Section 179 is valid on most types of equipment. There is little sense in allowing a deduction on only obscure equipment, so Section 179 is aimed at general business equipment as well as off-the-shelf software. If you use it in your business, it probably qualifies.
  • Section 179 can greatly help your bottom line.
    • By deducting the full cost, you lower the amount you pay for equipment and/or software substantially. And these benefits can be further expanded if you choose to lease or finance your equipment & software.
  • Section 179 is simple to use.
    • All you need to do is buy (or lease) the equipment, and use a special IRS form. That’s it.
  • Section 179 enhancements typically expire at year’s end.
    • The various Stimulus Acts over the past few years have included special provisions for Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation, and greatly increased the limits on how much businesses could deduct. But the enhancements usually expire at the end of the year.
  • There is simply no better time than now to take advantage of Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation.
    • Why? Because it is a Use-It-or-Lose-It write-off that ends December 31st.

Property That Qualifies

  • Equipment (machines, etc) purchased for business use
  • Tangible personal property used in business
  • Business Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 6,000 lbs
  • Computers
  • Computer “Off-the-Shelf” Software
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Equipment
  • Property attached to your building that is not a structural component of the building (i.e.: a printing press, large manufacturing tools and equipment)
  • Partial Business Use (equipment that is purchased for business use and personal use: generally, your deduction will be based on the percentage of time you use the equipment for business purposes).

User Guides







  • Toshiba-Strata_CIX_IP5000_Quick_Reference_Guide
  • Toshiba-CIX-CTX-QR-IPT-VB


VIA Cloud

Time Change Guides

  • Toshiba Date and Time
  • TOSHIBA_CTX Time Date Change
  • Replay VM Date Time
  • Repartee Voice Mail Date and Time
  • Premier Date Time
  • Perfect Voice Answer Date Time
  • Mitelsx200 Date and Time
  • InterTel Date Time
  • Executone Date Time


Discontinued Parts Available

If you’re looking for discontinued Executone parts, we have the following model numbers available.  Contact us at 410-785-1600 to purchase.

15260K IDS 228
15510 IDS/T1 Card
15590 IDS/Ground Loop
21640-2 IDS Expanded VCM
21660 IDS Expanded DCM
440018 Executone Keyboard
82300-R 29 key phones reconditioned
84100-10R IDS/TAPI Terminal Phone
84300-2R 12 button lir grey
84600-2 64 button grey
EVX8 8 port EVX Card Voicemail
EX01021 MDF Service Cable
EX01039-1 IDS/Fiber cable
EX15060-1 IDS i/o panel
EX220001 MDF expansion station panel for ids 42/84
EX23120 IDS 42 2×4 expansion module
EX23220 IDS 42 Expansion module
EX82100-R 28 button charcoal reconditioned
EX82200-4R 17 button
EX82500-4R 6 key
EX82600-R 29 button