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Why Do I Need Call Recording and Reporting?

May 20, 2016, Written by 0 comment
call recording and reporting

Call recording and reporting helps you to monitor conversations and diagnose problems.

You have undoubtedly called a customer service center at some point and been greeted with the phrase “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.” Call recording and reporting has been used for decades by customer service centers in order to ensure customer satisfaction and gauge employee productivity. Today, more and more businesses have seen the value of having call recording and reporting, and for more reasons than just customer service and training.

Dispute Resolution

When a customer calls a company, it is usually to report a problem and seek help. The root of the problem can range from the company making a mistake to the customer lacking necessary knowledge to the product being faulty. Having call recording and reporting allows managers to listen to conversations to diagnose the root of a specific problem. Knowing how a common problem often begins is a great way to take action to keep the problem from reoccurring in the future.

Fosters Growing Businesses

As businesses grow, they often establish multiple locations or outsource certain business functions. It’s more difficult to manage several locations or centers that are located in other countries. Call recording and reporting provides an easy way to check in on conversations–diagnosing problems and gauging customer satisfaction–from any location.

Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses have strict regulations that they must follow. For instance, banks must follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) when handling clients’ sensitive financial information, and hospitals must follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) when handling clients’ sensitive medical information. Managers who listen to recorded conversations can find and correct breaches of these regulations before they result in hefty fines.


You can customize call reports based on call length, call scoring, and number of calls per employee. You can even highlight personal calls, so that you can target which employees are making excessive personal calls and correct the problem. In fact, just knowing that you have the ability to listen in on conversations will deter employees from making personal calls and from sharing information that they should not be sharing. Overall, you’ll see a boost in productivity and smart use of limited time.

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