How to Send Mass Texts The Right Way

April 18, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Statistically, nearly everyone in America owns and uses a cellphone every single day. This means that hundreds of millions of possible consumers are just one text away from engaging with a business. With that being said, there is a right and a wrong way to send mass advertising text messages. Keep reading to find out how to send mass texts the right way. 

Cultivating an Audience

It is one thing to send a mass text out, and it is another to have consumers interact with that message. Cultivating an audience means building a consumer base that actively interacts with advertising texts, clicking on links, and viewing new products. Opting-in new customers are the best way to build this consumer base. When a customer opts in they are giving you permission to send them new products, sales, and general alerts about your business. Users that have opted-in are much more likely to actually interact with your text advertisement. It is vitally important that you describe to the potential customer all of the benefits they receive when they opt in. Let them know that they will be the first to know when sales happen so they can get hot products before they sell out, for example. 

Set Expectations

Making sure all potential customers know what to expect when they opt in is another essential step in the process of building a consumer base through text. Outline your company’s text message alert policy on your website. For example, maybe you only send out one text a month, tell them that. This way they won’t be waiting for a text alert that never comes, and also lets them know you won’t be spamming them with alerts. It is also vital that you stay compliant with whatever expectations you set with your text message policy. The last thing you want is for a user to opt-out because there are too many or too few alerts than what was laid out in the expectations. 

Message Customization

A great way to ensure that you have good interaction rates on your mass texts is to customize each one per user. In other words, throw their name somewhere in the text so they aren’t tipped off to it being a mass text right away. This has been shown to heavily increase interaction with texts. There are marketing platforms that can automate this process. Additionally, these marketing platforms have built-in templates that make sending mass texts a one-click process. 

Provide Value

The last tip we will discuss today is how to provide value through mass texts. Customers won’t stay opted-in to your texts if the offers don’t provide them any value. Make some sales or discount codes only available to customers that have opted-in to text messages. Not only is this a great way to keep customers engaging through text, but it also serves to get lots of new users opting-in to receive texts. Another thing you can consider doing is showing exclusive previews of new products to those who have opted-in. The consumer will feel like they are part of an exclusive club, and this is exactly what you want. 

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