Signs Your VoIP System is Getting Hacked

April 25, 2022, Written by 0 comment

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and a multitude of businesses both small, medium, and large have started to use it for office communications, especially since the pandemic has forced so many employees online. However, since VoIP leverages the internet, there is a chance it gets hacked by a malicious attacker. Keep reading to learn the signs your VoIP system is getting hacked. 

Internet Search Redirects

If you get redirected to a random site when searching for something on the internet this is a tell-tale sign that someone has infiltrated your security system. Additionally, if your browser is installing plugins and widgets on its own, it is very likely that the hacker is trying to further infect your system. Making sure you close your browser and turn off your machine when it is not in use is a great way to prevent these types of attacks from ever occurring. 

Fake Antivirus Messages

If you notice that you keep getting antivirus warning pop-ups whenever your VoIP is turned on, there is a high chance that your VoIP system has been affected. Especially if these messages are coming from antivirus software that you did not previously have installed. At this point, you should contact both your system administrator and the VoIP software company so they can work together to find the source of malware that is causing the issue. Unless you have sufficient cybersecurity knowledge, you could make any security risks worse by trying to solve the problem yourself. 

Irregular Call History

Your VoIP system will have a tab or page where you can view what calls you have made in the past. If you see that there are calls in the log that you never made, there is a chance a hacker has hijacked your VoIP system and started using it for their own purposes. A similar problem may have occurred if you keep getting calls from unknown numbers, the hacker may have sold your information to phishing companies. If your VoIP has geo-limit settings where you can choose which countries to accept calls from, you can usually get around this type of issue. 

Microphones and Webcams

If you notice your mic or webcam has been turning itself on automatically when your VoIP software is running, a hacker may have taken remote control of them. The hacker, or hackers, may try to phish for confidential information about the company that they can sell or use themselves to carry out further attacks in the future. If it only happens once or twice on an irregular basis it is probably just a glitch in the VoIP software, but if you notice it happening more than once a week you should immediately let your system admin know about the issue. You should also unplug or completely disable both the microphone and webcam until the problem is fixed. Even if none of these things are happening, it is good practice to leave them off when not in use so that they are harder to access remotely. 

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