Commercial Security Myths Debunked

April 11, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Every business owner wants to feel as secure as possible in their workplace. However, there are many myths floating around that provide a false sense of security. Keep reading to find out what these myths are so you don’t fall prey to any commercial security risks!

It Couldn’t Happen To Me

Whether you work in a large commercial area or in a remote, rural area, there is always a chance that someone could attempt to break into your workplace. Many people think that being surrounded by lots of other businesses or in a busy location provides security on its own. Similarly, those working far away from any large population center think that no one will try to break in due to the distance. Both of these assumptions are wrong. Simply taking the most basic of precautions to secure your business in 2022 will not do much in the event someone decides to break in. Don’t play the odds!

A Security System is Too Complicated

Having a quality security system in your workplace does not have to be complicated. A well-designed security solution for your business will compliment your organization and fit seamlessly into day-to-day operations. Take the time to research your security solution options or talk to an expert to ensure you select the proper solution for your specific business needs. Training staff on a security system, if necessary, should additionally be a breeze, and using your new system will become second nature in no time at all. 

Location Means No Crime

Being located rurally does not mean that burglars will leave you alone. In fact, the obscurity of your workplace location may provide a sense of security for the burglar themselves. Since you are far away from any other businesses, there is a very low chance that any of them will be alerted in the case that your facility is broken into. You will most likely have to face the threat alone, and this means being alerted to any threat via a surveillance system is of utmost importance. 

The more time you have to react to the threat the better, this gives you the chance to call the police. Working in a heavily populated area does not decrease the chances of a break-in either. There is more foot traffic and automobile traffic areas, which increases the chances that a burglar will travel through the area. Even the sight of a surveillance system is enough to make most burglars move on in search of an easier target in these areas with lots of businesses. Don’t play the odds based on your location, as you have the same chance of being a victim of a burglary in rural and urban locations alike. 

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