3 Care Tips for Your Voice and Data Solutions

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Voice and data solutions are excellent tools for streamlining communication. They can also cut down on operating costs and maximize productivity. While having them in place is positive for your business, improper setup and use can hold you back. Whether you already have them in place or need a reliable company to implement them, here are some tips for your voice and data solutions systems.


Voice and Data Solutions


3 Care Tips for Your Voice and Data Solutions

Don’t Be Complacent with Security

While some industries require more security and privacy measures than others, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Healthcare facility staff passes confidential patient information through a single suite of communication every day. Government contractors regularly deal with sensitive data. Businesses exchange proprietary information. Although the industries are different, the problem is the same: it will be problematic if valuable information ends up in the wrong hands.


To prevent security breaches, it helps to have some of these safeguards in place:


  • Workplace domain restrictions
  • Two-factor authentication for administrative staff
  • Firewall with an intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Voice encryption

Consider Replacing Your Business’ Landline with VoIP

One of the best tips for your voice and data solutions system is to switch from landline to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). By upgrading to cloud-based technology, you eliminate the anchor of a dedicated phone line. VoIP phone systems provide a suite of applications that make it easier for in-person or long-distance collaboration.


Best of all, this improved phone system will significantly cut down on your monthly phone bill. In fact, most businesses save between 60-70% every month. Business owners can reallocate those operating costs can to other areas.

Choose a Voice and Data Solutions Company that Offers Ongoing Support

You should be focused on running your business, not troubleshooting problems. A reputable company should provide ongoing voice and data support following implementation. Many of them offer warranties on both their services and their products, covering you just in case technology malfunctions.


Upon setup, a high-quality voice and data solutions company will offer free user and basic administration training. If any issues come up afterward, they’ll be happy to help you navigate them.

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