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Voice, Video, and the Internet of Things

October 1, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Your refrigerator can tell you when you’re low on milk.

Internet of Things


One word when you walk in the door and the lights in your house turn on.


Parking meters take your credit card and let you know when your time expires.


All of these are examples of the Internet of Things, also known by its abbreviation: IoT. 


As technology continues to advance and data can be transferred at almost instantaneous speeds, the IoT has become a crucial part of business and industry. Keeping up with its applications and how it affects operations isn’t easy.


The challenge with IoT and incorporating into a commercial or industrial business is determining what processes can be upgraded and improved. Another important factor to remember is the experience your employees have with this type of technology, and what their responses will be when it’s introduced.


One subject they may raise is that their interaction with applications like Alexa or Siri hasn’t always produced the right type of response. The internet of things continues to be a work in progress, and as more data and intelligence is collected and then input into these types of apps, the results will continue to improve in regard to accuracy.


Voice and the IoT

The office has become a centerpoint for IoT, as its applications make communication and workflow easier to manage and execute. Being able to instruct a telephone, laptop, or other device via voice is a major time saver and speeds up interior processes.


One of the leaders in the office space has been Alexa – while it can provide a weather update before you leave the house – this technology’s application to the workplace can range from scheduling conference rooms to helping staff make instant changes to their calendars, create checklists, and make phone calls.


The Alexa technology can also be customized for an organization and used to record and track sales figures, inventory levels, and other data. 


According to Amazon CTO Werner Vegels, businesses have built multiple Alexa skills, ranging from, “Everything from getting internal news briefings to asking what time their help desk closes.”


Another service for offices is the Lenovo Smart Display, which is also known as the Google Assistant. Like Alexa, the display can help create meetings, schedule appointments, and help take down notes and memos. 


The displays on-screen controls are intuitive and can be helpful with operational tasks like turning lighting on and off; setting temperature controls, and helping adjust volume in conference and meeting rooms.


Apple’s Siri has uses besides asking for the location of the nearest gas station. Employees in the office can integrate this technology into their everyday schedule, setting reminders and calendar appointments, along with to-do lists that won’t get lost in a paper shuffle. 

Currently, the system uses the HomeKit framework which is still in its infancy, although it can help with ordinary operational tasks. Keep an eye on this offering, with Apple’s power and technology it’s going to catch up with the others.


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