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What is Unified Communications (UC) and Why Do I Need It?

May 5, 2016, Written by 0 comment
unified communications

Unified communications keeps all of your employees connected and active, no matter where they are.

You may have read about Unified Communications in our past blog and wondered “do I need that?”. The fact is, if you are a small or medium-sized business, you stand a lot to gain by implementing unified communications. These gains can give you critical advantages over your competition. The following key benefits are the reason that so many people are adopting unified communications.

Do More with Less

What’s essential for smaller businesses with more limited resources is to be able to implement technology that allows for enhanced functionality while at the same time not being a huge expenditure. With the easy scalability and mobility that a unified communications system affords, you can act like a big business while spending like a small business.

Connect Your Workforce

More and more workers are working remotely or traveling for work. Whether they’re in their home office or on their way to a business meeting, it’s important that all employees have access to the same voicemail, email, and other features that they would have access to in the office. Having greater mobility not only makes it easier for your employees to work from different locations, but it also improves your customer service by having the right person always available, no matter where they are.

Greater Customer Service Capabilities

The increased availability of your employees to cater to customer needs provides a better customer service experience. But that’s not where your improved customer service capabilities end. You will also gain new business phone features that allow you to provide more personal service. Interactive Voice Response uses technology that allows a computer to interact with customers through voice and keypad tones. Call queues let customers know their place in line so they can gauge their wait time. These features, and more, combine to create a positive customer service experience.

Beyond Basic Functionality

Many small business owners will evaluate a new phone system by whether or not it meets their company’s current needs. However, it’s important to keep an eye on what your business will need in the future as it expands. Not preparing for expansion now means that you will have to upgrade later. A unified communications system sets your business up for success from the very moment it’s implemented.

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