The Basics of Mitel MiCloud Connect

July 25, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Mitel MiCloud Connect is a versatile, intuitive business solution that allows users to collaborate seamlessly. With telephony and contact center features all in one platform, it is an all-encompassing interface that is easy to use and makes sense right away upon installation. Learn more to understand the basics of Mitel MiCloud Connect and discover why this cloud solution might be best for streamlining your workflow.

Intuitive User Interface

Mitel MiCloud Connect prides itself on having a usable, intuitive interface. Enjoy a simple user experience once it’s installed. Enjoy the features which allow you to make the transition to your new system easy with phones that have a simple start-up and programs that have the capability to sync with all of your devices. Mitel MiCloud users benefit from single-click functionality, which allows them to navigate quickly through options, including a one-click dial button. Simplify your workplace environment by making all programs user-friendly and intuitive while cutting down on extra steps.

Flexible Service Plan

Have you stopped using one of your new services through Mitel MiCloud Connect? You will be able to go into the online service portal and change any settings or plan adjustments on the fly. Everyone in your business will benefit from the Mitel MiCloud Connect mobile application, which allows workers to collaborate and get work done, no matter where they are. A quick look at the basics of Mitel MiCloud Connect shows a business solution that was designed with flexibility and personalization in mind.

Maximize Productivity

With a customizable plan, a reliable cloud system, and a convenient place to keep everything organized, there is nothing holding your business back from maximum productivity. If you need help with your new Mitel MiCloud Connect system, there are multiple ways to contact the company so that you can get your questions answered and issues resolved. Increase and maintain productivity with this multifaceted cloud system.

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