Why the Right Phone System is an Essential Part of Your Doctor’s Office

August 8, 2019, Written by 0 comment

When deciding on a phone system for your medical practice, consider the needs of staff and patients and how the right phone system could address those needs. You want to keep yourself as organized as possible, and you want the patient to feel comfortable calling your practice and navigating through the menu options. It is critical to evaluate certain factors when determining which one to use so that the system is easy to navigate and is an asset to your practice.

Patient Navigation

You are expected to provide your patients with quality care, and a large part of that relationship is dependent on having the right phone system in place. Many phone systems will let you set up the menus and extensions via a portal. Portals are a huge benefit because you can visit them online and change the options anytime. So, if something is not working, you could have the direct ability to filter the calls in a different way to help patients navigate more easily. Other features to consider include:

  • What happens when a caller presses zero?
  • How can a caller reach the operator?
  • Can the patient confirm or cancel appointments through a call-in automated system?
  • Will you have an automated call system to remind patients of upcoming appointments?

Caller Management

The right phone system will be able to handle those high call volume days, like those busy Monday mornings. A cloud system as part of that phone system is key to help you categorize voice mails and keeping everyone up to speed with your patients. Consider a phone system which gives callers hold time information during high phone traffic periods. Think about the many ways the right phone system could be customized.

Communication Among Coworkers

Medical practices have access to personal information, and sometimes, professionals need to communicate about these details to each other without anyone overhearing. In general, staff exchanging messages, forwarding relevant information and keeping each other informed is key to the smooth running of your practice. The right phone system will be a unified communications platform which maintains maximum organization and security. Enjoy using a cloud-based message and data solution as part of a user-friendly phone system.

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