The Basics of Star2Star Hosted Phone Systems

July 15, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Star2Star is an award-winning VoIP communications system that is reliable and user-friendly. A customizable approach, unique features, decreased cost and dependable phone service are just some of the factors that set them apart. Consider using Star2Star to cut down on cost and maximize the power of unified communications in your business.

Basics of the Cloud System

While the system is largely cloud-based and mostly runs on an Internet connection, Star2Star offers analog backups for your data to keep it safe and filed for your reference. You will not lose anything with the combined cloud and analog approaches – enjoy the best of both with Star2Star.

Versatility of Star2Star

Star2Star offers a solid unified communications approach that includes interactive call management, video conferencing and a message system for employee collaboration. The interface is compatible with any internet browser. Its IP voice technology can operate on ordinary broadband connections, so you do not have to spend piles of money getting and maintaining a private network for calls. They also offer a call center module, which a business can use to handle high-volume call periods. It will be easy to orient yourself to the basics of Star2Star communications with the company’s online video series that will guide you through every step.

At McEnroe Voice and Data, we are proud to be a top ten partner of Star2Star. We believe that a quick look at just the basics reveal it to be a solid VoIP option for businesses of varying sizes. Consult with us today about your specific needs, and we will help you find the phone system that fills in the gaps.

Understand Star2Star Communications with Help from McEnroe Voice and Data

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