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Phone Systems and Other Voice Solutions for the Legal Industry

The legal industry is a very demanding one and the right voice and data solutions can help make all the difference.

When your clients, judges, and fellow attorneys want answers now and time is of the essence, an outdated phone system can be a liability.

Dropped calls and missed calls are simply not an option. This is why countless law firms have begun looking for better voice and data solutions, for a better business phone system.

Legal Industry VOIPAs an attorney, how you communicate is a significant aspect of your job. Good, clear communication plays an important role in the ability to deliver an exceptional client experience and grow the reputation of your firm.

And, as an attorney, your reputation is everything. Unfortunately, the wrong business phone system could be sending your clients and potential clients the wrong message. McEnroe’s business phone system solutions for the legal industry can help, providing you with the mobility, collaboration, and business continuity capabilities you need to succeed.

Avaya IP Office Phone Systems

Hybrid Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions are quickly gaining popularity in the legal industry for one big reason: functionality. Hybrid systems allow a mixture of analog, digital, and IP technology to allow your firm the flexibility it needs.

These phone systems, like Avaya IP Office, offer easy-to-use features not found in traditional phone systems:: voice mail to email, mobile phone twinning, VIP call screening, intra-office chat, and many others.

Avaya IP Office delivers this same great experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device, giving your employees the communications tools they need to perform at their best.

Avaya IP Office is a unified communications system that has helped countless law firms grow and achieve their goals with relative ease and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Mitel® Business Phone Systems

Mitel® MiVoice unified communications platforms seamlessly blends a company’s voice system into their data network, which both lowers communication costs and allows organizations to do more with less, while deploying the same digital and IPvoice over IP (VoIP) hybrid solutions over multiple locations.

No matter the size of your firm, Mitel MiVoice can provide you with the right tools improve  productivity and efficiency.

Special features include:

  • Unified Messaging (Voice Mail to Email)
  • Hot Desking
  • Meet-Me Conferencing
  • Enhanced mobility with Dynamic Extension Express
  • Teleworking

Mitel’s MiVoice Office (formerly the Mitel 5000) is designed for small to medium sized businesses and can accommodate 250 users per site, and up to 99 networked offices,.  The Mitel MiVoice Business (formerly the Mitel 3300 MCD) is designed for enterprise level clients and can support up to 65,000 users across multiple sites, providing voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications, and more.

Star2Star Cloud-Based Phone Systems

There are very few industries as dependent on quick communication as the legal industry. Not only do legal professionals constantly race the clock to meet court-imposed deadlines, but they must always be available for their clients.

  • Reliability: Even the briefest period of downtime is utterly unacceptable, which is why Star2Star guarantees 99.999% uptime. More than that, Star2Star has had three straight years of 100% uptime.
  • Functionality: Star2Star provides a wide variety of advanced functionality, including voice, messaging, video, and fax options, as well as cloud-based auto attendants and so much more. All of these features are designed to reduce communication time and improve overall business.
  • Mobility:  Legal professionals are constantly on the go, but their communication needs remain the same whether they are in the office or on the move. Star2Star enables an unprecedented level of mobility via voice mail to email, and find-me/follow-me mobility functions.

Star2Star provides the reliability, accuracy, and advanced functionality legal professionals need on a day-to-day basis.

Star2Star Legal Industry Case Study

McEnroe Voice & Data Can Align Your Restaurant or Retail Store with the Right Phone System and Other Telecom Service Solutions

By allowing better management of your time, the right business phone system becomes a strategic asset to the growth and success of your law firm. At McEnroe our ultimate goal, when designing your new phone system, is to improve the efficiency of communication within your firm.

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