6 Signs Your Business Needs a Unified Communications Strategy

December 5, 2018, Written by 0 comment

Unified Communications Strategy with McEnroe Voice & Data

A unified communications strategy is not just a buzzy concept that’s been taking the business telecommunications world by storm the past few years. Instead, it’s the standard for the future. How do you know whether or not your business is ready to implement a unified communications strategy?

Unified Communications Strategy 101

Unified communications is the concept of taking a number of communication methods, including video conferencing, voice calls and instant messaging, and combining them with deferred communication methods like SMS, voicemail and email. Unified communications allow your employees to communicate quickly and easily across multiple interfaces to increase productivity.

6 Signs You Need a Unified Communications Strategy

  1. You have more demand for communications than staff to meet the current needs. When managing multiple platforms, vendors and invoices is too stressful, it’s time to implement a unified communications strategy.
  2. How many service provider contracts do you currently have? If you’re overwhelmed with invoices for all the different providers you use, it may be time to consolidate. When you partner with a unified communications strategy partner with McEnroe Voice & Data, you can simplify things with a single bill and single vendor solution.
  3. Have you recently undergone an acquisition or a merger? Dealing with multiple different communication systems is a huge hassle. The cost of maintaining multiple separate platforms can also be severe when working with multiple locations. However, combining things into a unified communications strategy will ensure that you stay on track.
  4. If you are stuck with outdated software and equipment for your traditional PBX system, it’s time to look into a unified alternative. Many unified communications systems offer more scalability and flexibility (as well as affordability) when compared with traditional systems.
  5. How productive are your employees in an average day? How much more productive could they be if communication meant using a single solution to get everything done instead of opening multiple applications? A unified communications strategy can skyrocket employee productivity and let your employees focus on work, not which application does what.
  6. Have you been having more service and equipment outages lately? If your current network is preventing you from interacting with customers with the high-level customer service you want to offer, it’s time to upgrade. Remember that you never get another chance to regain your reputation with some customers, so getting things right the first time is essential.

Partner with McEnroe Voice & Data for Your Unified Communications Needs

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