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3 Tips for Effective Technology Lifecycle Management

May 20, 2021, Written by 0 comment

No purchase lasts forever, and that’s particularly true when it comes to technology. As technology becomes dated, it slows down, grows more susceptible to security flaws and can actively keep our businesses from reaching their true potential. As such, we need to stay on top of our technology lifecycle management. Here are three tips to help you do so.

View Technology as an Ongoing Investment

Change in technology is occurring at a more rapid rate than ever before, and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon. Businesses should view technology as a means to keep them competitive and invest in it accordingly.

At McEnroe, we make that investment easy. Think about your iPhone. You probably purchased it with a two-year plan, but we know all too well that the phone will be bogged down by low battery life and forced updates by the end of that time span. What if you could pay one monthly price and always upgrade to the latest iPhone? You’d never have to deal with any of these inconveniences. This program is called Hardware as a Service (HaaS), and we provide it as an option with each of our products and services.

Invest in Training

Your employees are sure to welcome new, cutting edge IT solutions designed to make their work lives easier, but they won’t necessarily be able to use it effectively right away. That’s why training is always a good idea after making large changes. To realize the business results our solutions are designed to achieve, McEnroe Voice and Data provides free user training and basic system administration training. An extra bonus of investing in training is that it can contribute toward retention and attraction of top talent.

Make Sound Choices Now, Before a Crisis Forces Your Hand

The longer we put off upgrading our outdated systems, the more we continue to tempt fate. Do you have a plan if you experience prolonged downtime due to an IT outage? What if your sluggish hardware and software start impacting your customers’ experience interacting with your business? Perhaps worst of all, what if you experience a cybersecurity breach? Keeping your tech landscape up to date with managed IT services is the most effective way to avoid these dilemmas. Additionally, having a plan in place in advance will save you a lot of stress compared to having to figure out an effective solution during a crisis.

Keep Your Business Up to Date with Technology Lifecycle Management Services from McEnroe Voice & Data

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Hailey Ploski