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Planning to Migrate to a Cloud Phone Solution? Follow These Tips to Choose the Best Provider

May 5, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Planning to switch phone providers in 2021? There are a lot of benefits of switching to a cloud or VoIP phone solution, but you’ll have to select the correct provider to see those benefits take root for your own business. Here are some tips for selecting the right business phone provider in 2021!

Consider Features and Functionality

The perfect phone solution should be stocked with features your business can use day after day to make their work life more seamless. Here are some popular opt in features you may want to keep an eye out for as you zero in on the ideal phone solution:

  • Find me/ follow me functionality to allow users to make and receive calls regardless of their location
  • Voicemail transcription to save by quickly reading voicemails via email instead of listening to them
  • Advanced call screening to provide your business with detailed call tracking analytics
  • Scalability to increase or decrease your amount of nodes with ease

Security is Essential in 2021

Cybersecurity has been relevant in business for decades, but we’ve been seeing major attacks take place now more than ever.  It’s worth remembering that many of these attacks we see on the news would not have taken place if proper security measures had been put in place from the start. When you switch phone providers, you have the opportunity to select a provider who puts your security at the forefront by using the best security protocols in an attempt to avoid legitimate cyberattack risks. If your team is still working partially or fully remote, these security measures are particularly crucial.

Collaboration is Critical

The days of phone calls existing as the primary means of communication in business are over. Video conferences in business were growing in popularity in the years leading up to this decade, and they’ve taken off since then as a result of the pandemic. Now that businesses have firsthand experience with such collaboration tools, they certainly won’t be going away any time soon. As such, you should be sure to choose a cloud-based phone provider that offers such collaboration tools.

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