Video Surveillance Systems | Fun Facts and Interesting Statistics

March 7, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Businesses care primarily about three things; their customers, employees, and property/assets. There is no better way in 2022 to protect all of the above than by implementing a video surveillance system into your business practice.

Video surveillance systems provide a sense of security and reduce the risk of crime within a business environment. Surveillance systems are a top investment for business owners hoping to improve their business’s security measures in 2022. Here are some fun facts and interesting statistics about video surveillance you may not have heard before!

You’re Seen More Often Then You Think

The average individual does not assume they are being recorded on camera as much as they actually are. With the numbers rising as we head farther into 2022, the average person is recorded over 300 times on video surveillance systems each day. As many of these appearances are quick glances from traffic cams, or simple captures while you’re walking by your favorite coffee shop on your way to work, it goes to show how many cameras are really out there.

Big cities and more populated areas have even higher numbers, as more cameras are present in their day-to-day routines. Video and camera surveillance has become a business necessity in 2022, as it has been for many years because it discourages crime and trespassing.

Employee Monitoring

When hiring employees to your business’s team, they become trusted members of your work environment. Unfortunately, even the most trusted employees will be tempted to steal at some point during their tenure with your business. The US Department of Commerce estimates that around 75% of employees steal company property or money. With this in mind, it is essential that a system is implemented to surveil employees working with expensive equipment or money. This is the best way to catch instances of theft the moment they happen.

Subsequent reclaiming of assets will run much smoother, keeping both the company and its clients protected from fraud and theft. The mere presence of a surveillance camera in the work area is enough to deter the majority of would-be thieves. An added benefit of the camera is the ability to monitor which employees are doing exemplary work, and which employees are taking one too many breaks. Business operations can be made more efficient after observing the workflow through CCTV. 

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