Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs to Implement Video Conferencing

July 8, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Before 2020, video collaboration was a tool that many businesses used to supplement their typical day-to-day in person interactions. Now, midway through the year, video conferencing has become just as much of a necessity for businesses as a conventional audio telecommunications system.  Why does your business need video collaboration too?

Maximize Efficiency in a Remote Work Environment

Due to social distancing measures, many workplaces are currently either fully remote, or in the stages of gradual reopening. In either case, video conferencing will make life much easier for everyone on your team.

When most of your conversations take place on the phone, visual cues are removed from the equation altogether. Introducing video conferencing allows clear and effective communication to take place amongst your team, regardless of their current work arrangements. Simply put, video conferencing is the closest solution to working with your team in person.

Reduced Expenses

Even after social distancing measures are reduced and some form of normalcy is resumed, it makes sense to keep video conferencing as an integral form of communication in your workplace. In fact, going forward, video conferencing will likely be an expectation for businesses, not an optional supplement to in-person conversations and telephone communication.

The cost savings is one of the primary reasons we expect video conferencing to be a cornerstone of business relations going forward. Rather than flying your team to your main office for a key meeting, why not save thousands of dollars and have a video conference instead? Maybe you could even give your employees with a long commute the option to work from home. Not only would that cut costs for them, it would also build up their morale.

 Build Better Customer Relationships

Implementing a video conferencing solution and making it one of your primary forms of communication gives your business a competitive advantage. Your customers will appreciate the option of virtual face-to-face communication in a time where physical conversations aren’t always the best choice. Plus, putting a face to each voice will make it much easier to build new relationships and sustain existing partnerships.

Benefit from a Video Conferencing Solution with McEnroe Voice & Data

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