3 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Business’ Surveillance System

June 24, 2020, Written by 0 comment

As we all begin to shift back to the physical workspace, it’s worth reassessing your surveillance solution to ensure its configured to run at maximum optimization. After all, a well-functioning surveillance system is one of the most effective ways to protect both your employees and your property. How can you improve the performance of your business’ surveillance system?

Avoid Cloud Solutions

These days, there are several wireless camera solutions, many of which are also cloud compatible. While the cloud is integral to our daily life in many areas, we have found that its best to stick with physical storage options when it comes to video surveillance. Cloud compatible cameras have to push video packets to the cloud at all hours of the day. With the large size of these files, the process ends up being more unreliable compared to physical solutions. For a solution you can count on when you need it the most, physical storage is the way to go. Additionally, while cloud technology is better than it used to be, it is still more “hackable” than a physical camera system.

Reassess Your Camera Placement

Even the best surveillance solutions are ineffective if camera placement is subpar. If your space hasn’t been used in several months, be sure to check that all high-risk areas are still covered and produce clear footage. During the shutdown, there is always the possibility that tree growth, lighting differences or any other changes may have impacted the clarity of the footage. It’s better to spot these deficiencies now than it is to realize your footage is unusable when you need it the most.

Consider New Camera Solutions if Needed

If you haven’t upgraded your cameras within the past few years, there is a decent chance you are missing out on new key features. Be sure that your cameras provide everything you need when it comes to angle adjustability, day and night clarity, high resolution and waterproofness. These days, businesses like McEnroe Voice & Data even stock thermal cameras which accurately report the temperature of everything in their view! With such cameras, detecting early signs of sickness within the workplace has never been easier. To find out more about this groundbreaking device, be sure to check out our latest newsletter!

Benefit from a Surveillance System Update with McEnroe Voice & Data

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