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Why Do I Need Video Conferencing?

March 30, 2016, Written by 0 comment
video conferencing

Video collaboration makes meeting and exchanging data much easier and efficient.

Are you paying for a video conferencing service? Why pay the extra expense for a standalone service when you can get video collaboration included with your VoIP system? Video conferencing is just one of many personalized unified communications features that you can get with a VoIP system. No matter what industry you’re in, you can benefit from the many advantages of video conferencing services.


Have you ever had to deal with your client accidentally leaving documents at home or having incorrect printouts? With video collaboration, you and your client can also easily and instantaneously exchange data online so that you won’t run the risk of leaving something at home or having the wrong data on hand. In fact, your client can even skip the trip to the office and stay home instead.


You can make your lessons stick by having guest speakers talk to your class with video conferencing! This is a great way to emphasize the real-world value of your lessons as well as provide your class with a useful resource for being introduced to ideas and asking questions in real-time.


There are so many uses for video conferencing in healthcare! Anyone who has a basic cable or DSL internet connection in full HD can connect with their doctor or pediatrician for advice on the severity of a health issue before making a trip to the hospital. This saves a lot of time and money. Plus, doctors can use video collaboration to confer with another specialist quickly rather than passing off a patient to the specialist and interrupting their care.


It can be frustrating on both sides when trying to troubleshoot a computer problem that one person doesn’t know how to describe. You can more accurately help clients by seeing the problem rather than simply asking “Is the computer turned on?”


You can use video conferencing to record client depositions and witness interviews. This is a safe alternative for for witnesses and children to testify from the comfort of their own homes rather than the intimidating chambers of a courthouse.

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