Mass Texting | A Business Essential for 2022

March 21, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Text messaging remains one of the primary communication tools in society today, especially in a more virtual environment. Sending text messages, compared to the past, is rather inexpensive and extremely accessible. Texting now includes various media types such as GIF files, videos, pictures, games, and more!

Mass texting continues to advance into 2022 as a top communication investment for businesses. Why is this? Keep reading to learn more!

Streamline Business Workflows

In the past, customers would primarily call for all questions and concerns. Businesses would have to have someone on standby to answer the phone and communicate with their customers. This is rather time-consuming, taking away precious work hours from productive business initiatives.

Text marketing is the most direct, reliable, and cost-effective way to communicate with your audience. Business texting has a 98% open rate, which means fewer missed connections. One-on-one engagement with customers through texting not only provides a clear line of communication but also provides a record of any business inquiry. This additionally helps minimize administrative roadblocks and It’s the preferred method of communicating, especially for millennials

Measure Conversations

Mass texting allows businesses to see what’s working for them and what is not. It provides additional insight and visibility into customer relations and business value. Bulk texting can make your reach larger and save resources at the same time. Texting also allows you to customize business communications based on local events such as the weather or offering a community baseball game-winning special.

Establish Your Business’s Voice

Business communications that are done through text help establish your business’s voice in the eyes of your customer base. It helps customers get to know you! Use mass texting to share funny GIFS and images, or professional videos and event fliers. Invite customers to connect and utilize your texting service as a conversational tool, adjusting your messaging to the needs of your target audience along the way. 

Providing for Customer Needs

Email inboxes easily become overcrowded and flooded with business-related emails. It’s easy for your company’s message to get lost in the crowd when it comes to email services. Text messaging services provide for immediate customer needs and stand out due to it’s real-time communication features. Texting services work far better and faster than email, with great customer support and effective results for businesses in 2022.

Get Started

You have so much to gain by adding texting to your business plan, so why wait? We’ve got expert support ready to help you become a texting pro!

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