How Can Call Center Software Enhance Customer Experience?

July 14, 2016, Written by 0 comment
call center software

Call center software can greatly improve efficiency and customer experience.

Struggling to manage customer related data, get valuable insight, and improve your customer’s experience? Call center software is an incredibly effective tool that will completely transform your traditional call center. How is call center software different?

Call Recording

Call recording is an especially valuable aspect of call center software, as it gives you a direct line into conversations with your customers. After each phone conversation ends, the call is recorded and stored in the appropriate database for the customer. This recording can be played back any time or any number of times to help you or your employees get insight into the customer and improve your customer service agent’s engagement with customers.

Call Control

With features you expect from your personal cell phone like hold, mute, transfer, and conference calling, call control offers customer service agents many options to help satisfy customers. Call center software allows agents to transfer the customer on the phone to someone better able to help them or retrieve the information for the customers while they are on hold.  This eliminates having to take a phone number down and potentially play your client’s least favorite game—phone tag.

Agent to Agent Calling

Just like call control enables your agents to work together and collaborate to ensure the best customer experience possible, call center software allows your team to connect to achieve more. Once you upgrade to call center software, your agents will be able to contact each other with only one click. They won’t be stuck rifling through a binder or stacks of phone lists, they’ll just need to type in a name and click.

Customer Related Information

Customers all have separate accounts, services, and previous feedback. It is vital that customer data is readily accessible to all agents trying to assist them. As the call center software has the ability to sort the data and keep it all immediately available in the cloud, your employees can address customer need without sorting through confusing digital or paper files. Not having a paper copy doesn’t mean your data is in danger, as the cloud technology used today is designed for maximum safety and security.

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