Think Your Business Doesn’t Need Call Recording and Monitoring? Think Again

January 8, 2020, Written by 0 comment

With all the phone packages available to choose from, it can be hard to decide which is the best for your business. Even if you are content with your current phone service, you may be missing out on critical features that can improve your customer relationships. Call recording and monitoring are two crucial features that you should ensure your business takes advantage of. Many businesses have already made the switch and have implemented such measures. Why should your business do the same?

Training Purposes

Training your new employees on how to handle client or customer communications on the phone is important when they’re starting out.  Previously recorded conversations between trained employees and customers are a great way to train new employees by giving them real-life examples of common questions before they even pick up the receiver. Listening to recorded conversations will allow them to experience a variety of calls, from routine question answering to effectively handling situations if a customer is dissatisfied.

Employee Performance Evaluation

While reviews and feedback forms can be helpful for evaluating how your employees are doing, it can be difficult to accurately measure progress and performance from using those resources alone. Call recording and monitoring would give you access to an unbiased recount of how customers and employees are interacting so you can ensure your company standards are being met consistently.

Solve Potential Disputes

Even the most seasoned customer service representative will encounter clients who are dissatisfied with their experience over the phone and may wish to speak with a supervisor or manager. Call recording and monitoring can help when addressing client concerns by pinpointing exactly where any miscommunication happened.

Ensure Legal Compliance

With the implementation of the Do Not Call List Registry, there are now strict policies and regulations that businesses must follow. Call recording and monitoring gives businesses and employees the peace of mind that full compliance of these regulations is met. You’ve worked hard to build a reputable business and you deserve to have that reputation protected.

Benefit from McEnroe Voice & Data’s Call Recording and Monitoring Solutions

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