The Signs You’re Overdue for a New Telecommunications Solution

March 19, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Communication is essential in business, whether you’re

calling someone in the same building or contacting someone across the world. If your telecommunications system is outdated, you are not operating as
productively and efficiently as you could be. Periodically, every business should stop to evaluate its current infrastructure and determine if a new telecommunications solution could be appropriate.

Signs You Need a New Telecommunications Solution

  1. It’s Hard for You to Grow: Can your current telecommunications solution grow along with you? If your business has grown since you initially implemented your existing infrastructure and it isn’t easy to add on new employees, it’s time to change things up. The more employees that you have, the more extensions you’ll need, and the higher that your call volume will be. If it’s cost-prohibitive to add to what you have or the system can’t accommodate more extensions, we can help you to find a new telecommunications solution.
  2. Your Current System Won’t Support VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the way of the future, and it helps many businesses to enjoy greater flexibility and lower operating costs. If your current system can’t support
    VoIP technology, McEnroe Voice & Data can guide you through the many options available to modern businesses.
  3. A Lack of Remote or Multi-Office Support: As businesses change to meet the demands of a modern world, many businesses have satellite locations and remote workers that need to be connected. Any telephone system
    that doesn’t accommodate your needs for dynamic multi-location communication should be replaced with a new telecommunications solution.
  4. No Mobile Capabilities: As we mentioned above, being able to stay connected on the road or from remote locations is growing in importance for many businesses. If your current communications system doesn’t allow
    employees to use company-issued or personal mobile devices to stay in touch, you should reassess. If you cannot quickly patch clients through to cell phones, it creates unnecessary phone tag and adds more stress to your clients. Many of today’s new telecommunications solutions offer mobile and remote support.


Partner with McEnroe Voice & Data for a New Telecommunications Solution

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