The Benefits of Video Surveillance for the Construction Industry

September 25, 2019, Written by 0 comment

What are the biggest concerns at your construction sites? If you’re like most construction companies, the answer includes vandalism and theft. Video surveillance for the construction industry is an essential part of preventing the worst from happening and having a visual record of it in the event that it does. What are some of the benefits of video surveillance for the construction industry?

Construction Site Surveillance 101

What is construction site video surveillance? It typically includes security cameras that can be used to monitor a storage facility or an active job site. These cameras can run all day to keep track of what’s going on on-site and be viewed on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Today’s cameras make it easier than ever to see your job sites from anywhere in the world.

The Benefits of Video Surveillance for the Construction Industry

  1. Protect Your Expensive Materials: Having materials on your job sites like copper piping, tools and lumber makes your site a target for theft. Theft doesn’t just slow your project down, it also costs you money and makes the work environment unsafe. Having video surveillance visible helps to deter thieves and ensures that, if theft does occur, there is the highest chance possible of making an identification.
  2. Reduce Your Insurance Rates: Did you know that many insurers will extend lower premiums to construction companies that use video surveillance on sites? Ask your insurance provider if you could be eligible for a rate reduction and what proof of surveillance they require.
  3. Improved Safety: Construction sites are a hotbed for safety hazards and accidents, and worker safety is a huge concern. Video surveillance in the construction agency can allow you to sporadically check in on workers to ensure that safety protocols are being followed and help you to identify areas where your training should focus in the future.
  4. Protect Against Liability: Unfortunately, when workers are injured it also leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits. On-site security cameras can help to guard you from unreasonable or outright false workers’ compensation claims or lawsuits.

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