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The Benefits of a Third-Party Carrier Audit

February 5, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Third-Party Carrier Audit wtih McEnroe Voice & Data

How much are you spending every month on your telephone bills? Are you getting the best deal possible? With over 80% of telecommunication service provider bills containing errors, the average business wastes hundreds of dollars every year overpaying for essential phone services. What are the benefits of a third-party carrier audit for your business?

What Is a Third-Party Carrier Audit?

Phone expenses are a significant expense for most businesses, and many companies are overpaying for service without realizing it. A third-party carrier audit can identify billing errors and places where you are spending too much on services. Since we work with numerous carriers and service providers, we can quickly identify where your rates are less-than-competitive and areas for improvement.

Why a Third-Party Carrier Audit?

Third-party carrier audits first ensure that you are being accurately billed for the services you are receiving. Then, they also check whether or not you are using the right telephone and internet services for your needs. There’s no sense in shelling out more than necessary for features and volume that you aren’t taking advantage of. Third-party carrier audits also compare the rates you are being quoted for services to market rates.

Once all of that has been analyzed, we can present your business with areas for potential improvement. All of the recommendations are objective and with your best interests in mind. Whether it’s installing a new phone system, negotiating rates or switching carriers entirely, your business will get actionable recommendations and the final say on your telecommunications systems.

How Often Should You Conduct a Third-Party Carrier Audit?

Because technology and market rates are constantly shifting, we suggest the average business complete an audit every two to three years. If you’ve never had an audit of your telecommunications system, now is the perfect time to schedule one. Many businesses instantly save hundreds or thousands a month on equipment and billings, and no business is too small to potentially benefit.

Partner with McEnroe Voice & Data for a Third-Party Carrier Audit

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