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iRecord is designed to increase detective efficiency through the recording and management of interviews. The system was designed by law enforcement professionals and is built to be in full compliance with emerging legislation. iRecord is the first system of its kind to be designed from the ground up for the ERI (Electronic Recording of Interrogations) application.

iRecord is designed to increase detective efficiency through the recording and management of interviews. The system was designed by law enforcement professionals and is built to be in full compliance with emerging legislation.

iRecord is the first system of its kind to be designed from the ground up for the ERI (Electronic Recording of Interrogations) application.

The iRecord system has been co-designed by a select group of detectives and law enforcement professionals (our customers) who have told us what THEY WANT in their ULTIMATE ERI system.

iRecord recently helped secure a 100 year sentence on a career criminal and at the same time made Springfield, IL “a safer community” according to their State’s Attorney.

Digital Video Recording SystemsOur mission was to “create something that was easier to use than a VCR”but “eliminate the incredible complexity and proprietary nature of digital recording” so interviewers can do what they do best.

Our customers will tell you we have succeeded in a major way to bring the most simple to use, but powerful ERI system to

market. Our system is based on industry standards such as MPEG and Windows Media technologies.

All systems are based on the Microsoft Windows operating system to ensure full compatibility and expansion for many years to come.

All the power you need for ERI at the touch of a button.


  • ONE TOUCH Recording and VHS-style controls make operation SIMPLE.
  • Greater versatility and more time saving features than an off the shelf DVR.
  • Simple “Pie Chart” shows instantly how much space remains on recorder
  • Volume and speed control during playback of a recording.
  • Automatic delivery through a LAN or WAN
  • Automatically time-and-date stamp user text annotations that allows user to skip directly to important parts of interview


  • Turnkey solution to record, store and play back interviews
  • One page recording user manual means NO COMPUTER EXPERIENCE NECESSARY TO OPERATE.
  • CD/DVD/Flash Drive storage media eliminates difficulties associated with storing cassette or VHS tapes over long periods of time.
  • No extensive IT support required to implement.
  • Using CD/DVD/Flash Drive storage means no more lost interviews from broken or damaged tapes.
  • No more rewinding or fast-forwarding tapes!
  • Notes taken individually are private to each recording.
  • Easily find specific sections of an interview by searching for specific words or information in individual recordings

iRecord is the natural choice for interview rooms of all types that require a SIMPLE video and audio recording solution with very high quality and reliability. In addition to the “ONE TOUCH” recording controls that are simple and user-friendly, iRecord is designed to operate without disrupting established operating procedures.

Once recorded, the digital media is stored on smaller, more reliable optical media rather than “bulky” audio or video tapes, ensuring a complete and accurate recording of excellent quality.

Since iRecord uses the latest OPEN, digital media assets such as Windows Media (WMV) and MPEG technologies, users are ensured of a TOTALLY COMPATIBLE AND OPEN media future that includes NO PROPRIETARY CODES that can totally disappear in a year or two.

Text Annotation: Unlike a DVR or VHS recorder, iRecord offers multiple tools to encourage activities above and beyond simply recording. For example, time-stamped annotations in iRecord can be created and directly associated recorded audio/video.

iRecord “indexes” can also be rapidly searched in our powerful Evidence Vault to locate specific words, case numbers or phrases and the corresponding audio/video segment instantly played. iRecord’s superior integration of index notes, combined with simple operation, makes iRecord an ideal choice for interview situations that demand more than just high quality audio/video recording.

  • Achieve 100% compliance with new State and Federal mandates
  • ONE TOUCH Recording that is actually EASIER to operate than a standard VHS recorder.
  • Produce superior quality digital video and audio recordings.
  • Enjoy the inherent time-saving features, unlike a Digital Video Recorder
  • Easily duplicate selected portions of interviews to CD or DVD
  • Eliminate the use of “bulky” Analog audio cassette and Video VHS tapes by transitioning digital recordings that utilize CD/DVD technology
  • Search and retrieve all annotations and audio/video associated with a particular interview at the click of a mouse
  • Legal Prosecution & Defense
  • Gain immediate access to relevant interrogation recordings
  • Make personal case-relevant notes about the case while reviewing audio/video
  • Save valuable review time with superior quality recordings.
  • Save time while creating presentations for courtrooms
  • Other Benefits:
    • Improve productivity without changing established operating procedures.
    • Effortlessly share recordings via CD or DVD or your local area network
    • Achieve quick return on investment (ROI).

iRecord is a Digital Video Recording and Management System for interview rooms.

Digital Recording of Child Forensic Interviews was found to enhance the ability of prosecutors….

Digital Recording of Child Forensic Interviews was found to enhance the ability of prosecutors to file appropriate charges. The ability to see the demeanor and facial expression of the child was helpful in obtaining timely prosecutions.

Helping Children

Digital Audio & Video Systems for Electronic Recording of Law Enforcement Interviews and Interrogations.

Child Advocacy Centers

The Baltimore Child Abuse Center uses an iRecord system installed by McEnroe Voice & Data to help capture precious testimony given by children who have reported being sexually abused. Please visit their website for more details on how they provide resources for abused children.

iRecord Evidence Management

Easily categorize, store and retrieve any interview from your desktop PC.

The iRecord Evidence Vault creates a secure central repository for all of your digital interview content.

Do you still use log books or binders to keep track of your custodial interviews?

Do you want better control of all items with chain of custody tracking and reporting that will tell you exactly what you have at any given time?

Do you want a central repository to store all your interviews?

The iRecord Evidence Vault is one of the very first interview management tracking applications for police and law enforcement agencies. Our software is ideal for agencies that track interviews from the point of recording by detective until it is ordered to be destroyed.

Our enterprise solution includes the following features:

  • Simple to Use
  • Centralized video interview management/storage
  • Global/LAN/WAN access to MPEG-2 and WMV files
  • Chain of custody tracking
  • Quick and advanced searching
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Highly customizable
  • Network compatible (Multiple locations feature)
  • Expandable (SQL server architecture)

Product Features Easy to Use / Navigate Interface:
One of the greatest features, many customers say, is the ease with which the system functions. Save time and money – this system does not require hours of training to use…only MINUTES.

Centralized Video Storage:
Store digital video interrogations in our central repository for simple management and retrieval

Evidence Search Feature:
Quick search feature allows for quick lookup of any system field or note entered in the evidence vault database

Chain of Custody:
Check-in / Check-out features allow you to transfer and track your interrogation videos and who is accessing them.

System Customization:
The iRecord evidence vault has a very unique system customization feature that allows you to setup the system exactly as you want it. Fields can turned on or off, along with requirements being defined.

User Security:
Multiple levels of USER and DEPARTMENTAL security definable within the evidence vault. Turn one database into multiple departments each with their own individual access rules

Email Alerts:
Email alerts can be sent to system administrators and detectives

Custom Reports:
Build custom reports to easily extract data from the system. Reports can be saved for use at a later time.

If you need to track the movement of any interview, the iRecord evidence vault is for you.

iRecord Mobile Recording Suite, a “portable” iRecord system that is easy, secure and more flexible…..

Easier, Secure, and more Flexible Recording…

  • Wide range of mobile and fixed cameras for easy deployment.
  • True ONE TOUCH recording.
  • Simultaneous recording to a DVD or external hard drive,satisfying “first evidence” requirements.
  • Covert wired or wireless briefing.
  • Remote real-time interview viewing.
  • “Electronic notes” indexing function.
  • Tamper-proof watermarking.

Convenient Playback and Archiving…

  • Simple, secure Evidence Vault storage technology simplifies file search and storage.
  • Exported DVDs and CDs are playable on consumer players or Windows computers.
  • Free, feature-rich iRecord Player operates without proprietary CODECs.
  • Unique DVD spanning technology creates multiple-disc sets for longer interviews.

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