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Phone Systems and Other Voice Solutions for Accounting Firms

Come tax season, accountant firms can find themselves inundated with phone calls. It can be difficult to juggle call after call and keep your clients happy while trying to complete your normal, everyday tasks. If you aren’t careful, something could slip between the cracks, and that simply is not an option.

After crunching the numbers, you will see that it makes sense to invest in a phone system to help your accounting firm better handle your large call volume, especially during tax season. The right phone system can make a world of difference.

Phone Systems and Voice Solutions for Accounting Firms

Phone Systems and Voice Solutions for Accounting FirmsGood, clear communication plays an important role in the ability to deliver exceptional customer service and better comply with industry regulations. McEnroe’s voice and data solutions for the legal industry can help, providing you with the mobility, collaboration, and business continuity capabilities you need to succeed.

Mitel® Business Phone Systems

Mitel® MiVoice unified communications platforms seamlessly blends a company’s voice system into their data network, which both lowers communication costs and allows organizations to do more with less, while deploying the same digital IP hybrid solutions over multiple locations.

MiVoice Office (formerly Mitel 5000) is perfect for small to medium sized accounting firms, while MiVoice Business (formerly Mitel 3300 MCD) is designed for enterprise level clients and can support up to 65,000 users across multiple sites.

Features and benefits include:

  • Implement traditional or IP communications with one easy to manage platform.
  • Automate routine and repetitive business processes with Mitel.
  • Mitel’s solutions allow you to exchange information over fixed, wireless and mobile networks.
  • Easily network multiple offices.
  • MiVoice is a highly scalable solution.
  • Mitel offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than many of its competitors.

Mitel’s flexible solutions – including, including voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, and more – fit the needs of accounting firms, large and small.

Star2Star Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Star2Star Communications delivers an award-winning, Scalable Cloud Communications Solution that overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other technologies.

Features and benefits include:

  • Star2Star is reliable, guaranteeing 99.999% uptime.
  • Star2Star maximizes communication through a wide variety of features, such as StarFax, StarChat, StarVideo, and StarConferencing.
  • Even when you are not in the office, you need to be reachable. Star2Star offers exceptional mobility features, including Find Me/Follow Me, StarPhone for iPhone, and the ability to access voicemail via email..

Star2Star provides the reliability, accuracy, and advanced functionality that accounting firms need on a day-to-day basis.

Star2Star Accounting Firm Kessler Case Study

Star2Star Accounting Firm Suggs Case Study

Avaya IP Office Phone Systems

Phone Systems for Accounting FirmsVoice over IP (Internet Protocol) and digital phone systems, like Avaya IP Office, offer easy-to-use features not found in traditional phone systems: call detail logging, hold call waiting, automatic callback, call transfer, personalized ringing, and much more. Avaya IP Office will give your employees the communications tools they need to perform at their best.

Features and benefits include:

  • Go from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications in one easy to use platform.
  • Avaya IP Office delivers the same great experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device.
  • Avaya provides exceptional mobility with one-X® Mobile.
  • IP Office is highly scalable and extremely customizable.

With more than 266,000 systems installed worldwide, IP Office is the leader in unified communications.

McEnroe Voice & Data Can Align Your Accounting Firm with the Right Voice and Data Solutions

McEnroe Voice & Data is a single source for your voice technology project.  Our typical scope of work includes infrastructure cabling, equipment design and installation, end-user training, and ongoing support and maintenance.  We also provide comprehensive carrier services audits, recommendations, and procurement to help our customers reduce costs and inefficiencies.

With offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia, as well as partners across the nation, McEnroe is well positioned to meet all of your voice and data needs.

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