How to Create A Safe Workplace with Surveillance

May 27, 2020, Written by 0 comment

The safety of all employees is a top priority for all business owners. Day-to-day, your time is best spent overseeing your business to ensure it continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Introducing an optimized workplace surveillance system gives you the peace of mind to focus on those matters while your space is constantly monitored for any potential threats. How can you create a safe workplace with surveillance?

High Resolution Cameras

If you’re a fan of any popular crime shows, you’ve probably seen countless scenes in which a perpetrator was identified by zooming in and enhancing grainy surveillance footage. While this seems to occur all the time on TV, there is no such thing as, “enhancing” in real life footage. Once you choose your camera resolution, that is what you have access to until you choose to replace and upgrade your cameras. Thus, be sure to choose high resolution cameras that provide clear footage regardless of the time of day.

Install a Sufficient Quantity of Cameras

When it comes to criminal activity, people can be very creative to avoid detection. If your cameras are placed too far apart, it makes it much easier for blind spots to be taken advantage of. Potential thieves may realize your system isn’t up to par and make plans accordingly.

After your new system is installed, be sure to immediately check for blind spots throughout your space. Additionally, be sure to double check that no future changes, such as growing vegetation, will compromise any camera views in the future.

Rely on a Professional

These days, there are cheap surveillance “solutions” on the market that anyone can set up. The problem with these solutions is that they have a tendency to lead to disappointment when you need them most. While the initial startup cost of a higher end solution may be greater, it is money well spent when you consider the quality and reliability improvements. Additionally, professional installation gives that peace of mind that your system is fully optimized and functioning 24/7.

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