Create a Safe Campus with School Video Surveillance

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school video surveillance

Well-placed security cameras make your beautiful campus an even safer and more enjoyable place for students.

One of the main concerns of schools today is safeguarding the well-being of students and staff. Nothing does this better than school video surveillance cameras. Properly installed security cameras on the campus of a school can help to keep tabs on the goings on both inside and outside of the school. Schools that struggle with issues like recurring violence or vandalism can benefit greatly from the extra security that video surveillance affords.

The Benefits of School Video Surveillance

Schools should be, above all else, a safe place for children to receive an education. Schools that struggle with violence or vandalism may have trouble retaining parents’ confidence in the school and maintaining their reputation. Luckily, school video surveillance goes a long way towards creating and maintaining a safe campus. Just the presence of conspicuously-placed security cameras can be enough to reduce acts of violence and vandalism drastically.

Another thing that schools have to be concerned with is visitors. Schools are strictly monitored and structured, and disruptions from unwanted visitors can be a liability. That’s why video surveillance combined with door access control helps the administrative school staff to regulate who is allowed within the school at all times. This further helps to establish schools as safe havens for students.

What to Consider Before Installing School Video Surveillance

If you have decided to install video surveillance cameras on your school campus, there are a few things you should consider. When planning where to install your security cameras, think about the following:

  • What is your most pressing threat to security? Where should surveillance cameras be placed for maximum effectiveness?
  • What sort of security protocol does your school have that security cameras can supplement?
  • Have you ever wished that you could catch a specific incident on camera? This may help you choose where to place cameras.
  • Are there areas on your campus where students tend to congregate? This may also be a good place for a security camera.

You can also check out this blog and this blog on to help inform your own security camera placement. After deciding where the best places are for your security cameras, get in touch with McEnroe to discuss the best camera options for your school.

Be Proactive with Video Surveillance Solutions from McEnroe

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