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5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from Video Surveillance

June 5, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Is your business a safe place to work and a safe place to leave things? Video surveillance can make an already-safe place even safer. Video cameras protect you from burglaries and break-ins, in addition to letting you keep an eye on how your business is running throughout the day. Purchasing a basic video surveillance system gives you a great return on investment and can pay for itself by preventing a single incident. How could your business benefit from video surveillance?

5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from Video Surveillance

  1. Spot Employee Theft: Nobody wants to imagine their employees stealing from them, but every year, thousands of employees steal from their employers. This is partially because theft can mean a broad range of things in an employment context. Clocking in before an employee starts work, taking extra inventory, eating a high-cost item prohibited for employee meals and other types of theft can all be stealing. When they know that they are under surveillance, employees will be much less likely to steal.
  2. Lower Premiums: Did you know that many insurance companies will offer you a discount on your premium if you have a video surveillance system up and running? Talk with your insurance company about what rates are available for businesses with on-premise security systems. You might be surprised how much of a discount you will get.
  3. Monitor Workflow: Nobody likes a micromanager, and video surveillance doesn’t need to make you one. Instead, it can serve as a tool to allow you to check in throughout the day to make sure things are running smoothly. Are employees staying on task? Are lines getting long and indicating you should start staffing two more employees during lunch rush? Checking in once or twice a day can be a huge window into the day-to-day operations of your business.
  4. Defend Yourself: Unfortunately, some people will go to great lengths to try to sue companies for things that never happened. If you have video surveillance on your property, you will always have a record of what did or did not occur.
  5. Increase Safety: Finally, having on-site video surveillance will increase the safety of your building, your products, your customers and your employees.

Benefit from Video Surveillance with McEnroe Voice & Data

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